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Services at VIEC-Bhutan

We’ve been helping students like you stand out for over 6 years

The primary objective of our firm is to provide an authorized liaison between universities and students. Using our expertise and vast experience, we can identify the most suitable institutions for each student. We work with the Universities to recruit and guide the students in every step of the admission process. We provide the following services to all our students.

Career Counseling

Our staff will provide excellent career counseling which will make the candidate realize their dream. Our counselors are experts in the entire field, so it will be easy to understand the skill sets of the candidates.

Admission Guidance

We advise all our students in preparing documents for admission to universities. If a student needs to write IELTS/TOFEL we let them know about it early to appear for the exam. This helps them in getting admission as early as possible and getting more time for visa processing.

SOP Guidance

Statement of purpose is a crucial document required for getting admission to the university. Each university will analyze this document to provide admission. Our experts will help you out it writing a proper statement of purpose. We also provide sample statement of purpose documents for your guidance. We do not charge anything for this service.

Visa Assistance

Student visa procedures will vary for different countries. So our experts will guide you in preparing documents that are needed for filling a visa. We never appreciate or prepare any fake documents for visa purposes. We have a hundred percent success rate for most of the countries’ student visas.

Course Selection

There are several thousand courses available across many universities in the world. Obviously, a student will be panic in choosing the right course. Our experts with prior knowledge and skill sets will show you the right path and course which matches your skill sets.

Country Selection

Most of the students will be confused in choosing the right countries for doing their course. Our expert will analyze your financial condition and your skillset to match the countries requirement. This will help the student in choosing the right course as well as at an affordable cost. We also will give more information about the visa process for the particular country which you have chosen. Our counselors will explain the after-study option in all the countries.

University Selection

We are working with many universities across the globe. We provide details about most of the universities and give them suggestions. This will help them in choosing their desired university. If the students are unable to find the University for their Course, then we will suggest the university which provides the required course.

Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is a document that should be done by a person who recommends you for the university. Most of the universities will ask for two academic reference letters and one non-academic reference letter. If you are unsure about the format of these letters, then our experts will guide you. This service is given for Free of cost.

Scholarship Guide

Most of the abroad universities have a limited number of scholarships for international students. We provide information about the scholarship which can be applied by Bhutanese nationalities.

Pre-departure Briefing

As the destination that has decided is totally a new land for students. Our pre-departure briefing involves more about the place. We also give one-one counseling to make the students achieve the goal for which he/she has taken this decision of study. This final counseling will make students strive for excellence. We already got more appreciation from parents for this work. Again we do not charge any money for this service.

Foreign Exchange

As you were traveling to a different country, you may need some little money for the initial expenses. This money has to be carried in the form of foreign currency. Those who do not have any idea about this can get advice from our experts. We will guide you to better agents who can give competitive prices for foreign currency.


Most of the international students get guaranteed accommodation in abroad universities. We also provide information about private accommodation. Private accommodation is always cheaper than a campus hostel. It’s always up to the candidate to decide about the accommodation needs.

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